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Your project and the environment

Research shows that a wider reach and bigger impact is achieved when you use both printed and digital mediums. But each project is unique, so deciding on the appropriate mix is essential. We know that it is often effective, if not necessary, to generate a printed piece. So while the digital world has its share of negative environmental impact issues, we want to address common concerns about the environmental impact of the printed product.


What you’ve heard about “saving trees” by minimizing your paper usage is likely not as accurate as you think. Today’s standards in forest management means the paper we use in any of your projects comes from forests that thrive. One resource we’ve found that helps us shed some light on paper myths and facts is a non-profit called “Two Sides“. For example, did you know that paper is one of the few truly sustainable products?


Printing Processes, Toner & Ink

Offset printing, because of economies of scale and the quality in product, is an important printing option. We have great relationships with vendors who use vegetable-based inks and solar panels to help offset their impact. However, offset printing processes use chemicals like and solvents to clean up the rollers, and, water, both during the run and in the clean-up.


The decision to use a digital press usually comes with a small order or a quick turn-around time. But there’s now even more of a case to be made for digital printing. While some of the best presses still use petroleum-based toners or inks, others do use plant-based inks, and there are no chemicals or water required during the printing process.


And there are other things to consider too – like how up-to-date a shop keeps its machinery and what their internal procedures are for dealing with waste. All to say that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to printing and environmental impact, and hopefully as technology advances, so will opportunities to advance both methods environmentally.