Amplify by National Music Centre

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Amplify is a multi-faceted content platform by the National Music Centre celebrating Canadian artists through stories, live performances, interviews, videos, and more. Its goal is to add to the conversation of music while making it accessible to Canadian and international audiences.


When we think of the word “amplify”, we think of the live experience of music that is, well, loud. The site works with that concept, with bright colours and bold fonts and lines. Harkening somewhat to rock magazines of the past, we wanted to create the feeling that someone would get when browsing content at a music store; flipping through records and posters of their favourite artists and discovering new ones.


Rather than organizing this site’s content by subject, we created broader categories based on the way a user would take it in: by reading, watching, or listening. This site also features a membership portal with exclusive content, and a section dedicated to accessing and viewing live performances.

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