Children First Canada


Children First Canada (CFC) is a national charitable organization working to improve children’s well-being by mobilizing an alliance of children’s charities, hospitals, and researchers.


When we designed this website, we carefully considered site structure and how we could organize the different types of content in such a way that diverse users could easily find what was relevant to them. This site needed to be able to work for an ever-increasing amount of content and not become cumbersome to navigate over time.


We created a Resources section in which reports, publications, toolkits and videos could be filtered by user type or category. We also created a Media Room that would house everything those working for the press would need. And finally, we ensure that most all content was categorized content, so that it would feed into relevant sections of the site, ensuring it would always be found where expected.


The website is now more accessible, both in terms of how it can serve those with disabilities, and how it can serve those who speak and read either English or French.

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