Ellie Bianca


Ellie Bianca is a social enterprise in the cosmetics and skincare industry. Since its inception, it has operated in a way that focuses on giving equal weight to nourishing skin while empowering women and being conscientious of its environmental impact.

The company came to us at the start of a growth phase, with an aim to increase distribution and sell in large stores. To do this, Ellie Bianca’s brand story and the premium quality of the product needed to be clearer in the retail environment.  


We created box and bottle designs that could quickly and attractively convey the quality and benefits of the product inside, as well as Ellie Bianca’s story. We considered the tactile form of the packaging – from textured paper to brilliant gold detail and achieving just the right amount of shine and colour mix, resulting in designs that glimmer from afar.


The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the skincare line continues to increase sales across the country.

Ellie Bianca Soap Bundle

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