Good things come in small packages

Live Simply, Simply Live: that’s the motto of Calgary’s new tiny home construction company, Simply Living Tiny Homes.

The business is about doing more with less, proving bigger isn’t always better, and demonstrating that the word ‘costly’ need only pertain to the needless waste of our most priceless home – earth. So when owner Ryan Zedic approached us to develop a brand that wraps it’s arms around these truths, we set out to capture the very essence of his business with a one-two punch.

Tiny Homes model

After seeing the designs from architecture collective Studio Tomorrow, we came up with three concepts, each with a unique take on the ‘house’ icon. One took root on the overall idea of simplicity, with clean lines, angling upward to the sky and the sunlight; another played on the tiny home’s efficient use of space and eco-light footprint, with the word ‘tiny’ forming the interior nooks and crannies of the home, and a green leaf wafting from the chimney.

The third concept, and the one we secretly hoped would emerge as the chosen one, is where we delved into the more profound and underlying sense of Ryan’s company: to EJECT.


Eject from long commutes. Eject from living spaces which occupy too much of our time and energy. ​And eject from the financial constraints that large housing imposes. The Simply Living brand is designed to stop us in our tracks and get us re-thinking the social norms that govern our lives, hit the EJECT button and begin enjoying life on our own terms.

Tiny Homes cards copy

We chose the simple icon for its dual meaning: eject button and symbol for home. It exclaims ‘escape’ and reminds us to take control, while the clean font and crisp green colour elicits a sense of lightness and simplicity.