Canada Jazz


In 2022, Germany’s annual jazzahead! put the spotlight on Canadian artists. Canada Council for the Arts wished to create a website that would offer event-goers a way to learn about them as well as when—and where—they were performing.

The website was to be developed within Canada Council for the Art’s “Canada Jazz” initiative, so GOOD Company was supplied with its pre-existing logo and colour palette. To that, we added photos and auto-play video to give the visitor a sense of what they could experience at the festival.

After reviewing the content for the site, we created a design and UX that allowed visitors to easily view artist profiles, learn when they were performing and filter by the event category. This required a systematic approach to standardizing repeating types of information and a strong emphasis on the how a person might wish to be presented with the information on both a desktop and mobile device. 

The site was developed in French and English (either language can be accessed from any page). In addition, we worked diligently to meet WCAG accessibility standards on both desktop and mobile devices. 

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