Land's End Ensemble


This JUNO nominated new music ensemble needed a new website to increase its reach and to provide new and existing fans with the opportunity to discover and immerse themselves in Land’s End Ensemble’s work.


We structured the site to lead visitors to where we expect they would want to go, but also offer them with opportunities to discover new content. This was done by integrating dynamic feeds and creating entry points to sections of the site a visitor may not have been aware of.


Previously scattered across the internet, the ensemble’s content is now housed on the website. This digital hub offers video, sound, photos, musical scores and educational content. The interactive experience is further amplified by an updated look—one that reflects the contemporary aspect of the group’s art form and is loosely inspired by the “neon noir” film genre. 


As with all of our sites, this one applies best practices in website development to allow for maximum discoverability (on Google) and retention (users stay because they are enjoying the experience). 

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