Moms Vote Brand

Leading by Example – now that’s what we’re talking about!

Just a few weeks ago, as a proud nominee of REAP Calgary’s annual Be Local Awards, we contributed a blog piece to REAP entitled Being GOOD Means Being Engaged. In it, we describe our passion for community engagement as an integral piece of our company values.

Enter our latest branding and website design project – MomsVote – the consummate model for what we were communicating in our piece for REAP. Here is an engaged community at its finest.

MomsVote is a non-partisan organization founded by Erin Chrusch, and supported by moms who have experience in electoral campaigns at all levels, who have worked in public policy and communications, and who want to use their skills to help other moms make a difference in their communities. Although the group represents many different backgrounds and belief systems, it shares a common goal: to make their own little piece of the world better for their kids. And to make it easier for those who want to become more politically engaged, but have no idea where to start.



Now on to the exciting challenge of encapsulating everything that is MomsVote into a brand. We set out on this adventure with a Pinterest ‘inspiration board’ supplied by Erin. Not your stereotypical mom jeans! This glimpse into the visual vibe of MomsVote – lively colours, hip fonts, and a contemporary feel – provided us the essential cues to move into design mode.

First and foremost, the brand needed to carry a strong voice, reflecting the passion of women when it comes to issues that affect the future of their children. We captured that strength by using bold and vibrant colours – robust enough to stand alone, but still able to work in harmony.

Moreover, we used pink, the universal girly colour, because we wanted to project pride in femininity. Yeah it’s pink… and it’s also brazen red.

The most poignant element in the brand is the use of a ribbon to form the MV. With its stirring diagonal shapes, the ribbon serves as a subtle reminder of women’s suffrage and a nod to their successes throughout history.



The result is a brand that is one of strength, clarity, and spirit. Check it out live and in action on their website we designed, which also includes their first blog post, Five Mothers.