Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee

Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee‘s beans are sourced from an indigenous forest in the Northern Chiang Mai Region of Thailand using a method that doesn’t make use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Not a single tree is destroyed, and the habitat of local and migratory birds are left unaltered.

This website needed to function as a tool for visitors to purchase coffee online or find local cafes and stores where it’s sold. Just as importantly, we felt, it needed to convey the unique and inspiring story of this wonderful coffee company doing things differently – with minimal impacts to the environment and profoundly positive impacts on the farmers and surrounding community.

To that end, we put the farm – in all of its exotic rawness – front and centre. Rich photography is accompanied by wonderful writing provided by The Writing Department . Rather than focusing on the end product – roasted beans or cups of coffee – we’ve made the process the real story. That means vibrant imagery showing the farm, the people, and the wildlife of this healthy, balanced region paired with warm, evocative writing. The result is a vibrant website that captivates and communicates.