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Banff Centre

Leadership Report

Banff Centre Report

The Banff Centre is a Canadian learning centre dedicated to the arts, leadership development, and mountain culture. The leadership development department needed a custom look and feel that it could apply to its publications and programs. We thought it would be appropriate to borrow from Swiss design (also known as the International Typographic Style) because of the geographical similarities between the regions. Typography, colour palettes, image treatment and layout were all driven by this approach.

Banff Centre Leadership Department branding
Banff Centre Report
Banff Centre Report

“There is something reassuring about outlining a need, providing some text and guidelines and getting back something that looks great and captures the spirit of what you are trying to do. Good Company has been responsive, thoughtful, and has suggested directions that we wouldn’t have found on our own. They understand who we are and where we are trying to get to.”


Jerry McGrath
Director of Innovation and Program Partnerships,
Leadership Development Programming
The Banff Centre
Banff Centre Leadership Program

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