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Calgary Can


Calgary Can Logo

Calgary Can is a triple-bottom line initiative aimed at reducing waste and improving recycling opportunities in Calgary by collaborating with and empowering informal recyclers (i.e. bottle pickers). Their mission is to create a community-driven enterprise that involves and employs bottle pickers on their terms; and their vision is that bottle pickers are valued and compensated for their environmental and economic contributions.

Calgary Can Tote Bag

We wanted our logo solution to be distinct from other local recycling enterprises and communicate empowerment and an urban lifestyle. The logo uses bottle and can silhouettes to mimic part of Calgary’s skyline, conveying at once the subject and the community it takes place in, and used bright colours to convey the sense of empowerment which is so integral to the success of this organization.

Calgary Can was one of our GrowYourGood recipients. Learn more about this initiative.

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