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Juice Because

Branding and Package Design

Juice Because bottles

At once understated and high-impact in its black and white aesthetic, this branding project for the Calgary cold pressed juice company, “Juice Because”, allows the vibrant colours of the juices to capture customers’ eye while reinforcing its brand values of a clean, healthy lifestyle and a refined, quality product.

Juice Because logo
Juice Because sketch

A lemon is known for its cleansing and restorative health properties, so we thought it an apt symbol to get across the benefits of the juices. This stylized lemon shape became the basis of the logo. We like the openness and flexibility to this shape, with potential for patterning, as seen here.

Juice Because pattern
Juice Because Business Cards
Juice Because package

Not just a typeface, but a robust font family, is essential for a brand whose focus is on typography. Adobe Caslon is the primary typeface here – we love it’s elegance and versatility.

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