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Sustainability Resources


Sustainability Resources logo

Sustainability Resources is dedicated to building the capacity of municipalities, industry, professionals, academics, and other organizations to participate in sustainability planning and implementation. To do to this, they spearhead several projects and as such, needed a brand that could be adapted to each as a sub-brand.

Alberta Wateshed Toolkit logo
Pathways 2 Sustainability

Our logo for Sustainability Resources speaks to the cradle-to-cradle, cyclical nature of sustainability and sets forth a visual system from which we constructed each of this organization’s sub-brands.

Sustainability Resources Program Guide
Sustainability Resources Newsletter

“The new design for Sustainability Resources really captures the dynamic nature of the work we do. We needed to harmonize our brand across multiple programs and ensure that we could continue to grow as a company with a sharp brand that could move with us. Good Company stayed committed to our vision from start to finish and we are thrilled to continue to work with them as we grow our company and our impact!”


Lisa Fox
Executive Director
Sustainability Resources

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