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Sustain+ability Report

ACAD Sustainability Digital Report

“Creativity needs an environment that nurtures and sustains it.” While working on a plan towards self sustenance and sustainability, the Alberta College of Art + Design asked the art community for its ideas and solutions to overcome challenges and constraints the college was experiencing, ensuring a place for creativity to thrive in the school and beyond. And so, the idea of a place online that could act as a hub and forum for keeping everyone abreast of ideas, was born.

ACAD Sustainability Digital Report
ACAD Sustainability Website

Because there was no image library to pull from, the main trait of this site became its colour palette. Applied in bold strokes, it helped us block out large amounts of information, making it easier to absorb. It also acted to the keep the discussion board feeling fresh as new posts are added, each with a colour associated to it.

ACAD timeline website



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