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Calgary Arts Development


We worked closely with the team at Calgary Arts Development to completely overhaul a previously static and inward-facing website. The site now serves as a tool for engagement and interaction—useful to the general public, the artists that CAD serves, government, and industry who they receive support from. It has become a fluid, interactive, accessible hub of information – easily shaped and kept up-to-date by content managers.

Integrated into the site is a directory system that handles the management, sorting and discoverablitity of a broad range of content and resources, including space finding, calendar events, classifieds, artist and organization networking as well as partner information.

CAD Directory pages

A lot of organizational logic was embedded into the site to make daily updating a painless process. Layout and formatting are handled automatically when content is entered, and the editor has the appropriate fields available for each content type. For example, when a price for an event and a link for tickets are entered, buttons on the event pages appear—appropriately and consistently formatted throughout the site. Content managers just need to enter their content into intuitively built custom fields—everything else is automated.

This content is easily added to the site via unique fields, and with the inclusion of categories and tagging, is automatically slotted onto the site in the appropriate pages and areas. As well, this content can be easily navigated and searched by the user in several intuitive ways.

CAD picks and previews

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