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Calgary Reads


Calgary Reads is a non-profit organization collaborating with schools, educators and community partners to offer programs, events and resources that nurture a love of reading and give children a brighter future. Our website for them focused on using colours and illustrations that embody the joy of reading and the life of young children.

Calgary Reads Website

When the site is loaded, a cast of imaginative bouncing creatures are introduced. These storybook characters find their way into the rest of the site, visually connecting each page, and adding small elements of whimsy throughout.

The previous Calgary Reads website had did not integrate well with their internal processes, which included the coordination of volunteers, an ongoing series of campaigns, the development of their donor database, tour bookings, and regular outreach through an active mailing list. Working collaboratively with the Writing Department, interviews and a careful analysis of their operations helped us to create a site uniquely tailored to their needs. We determined that while their audience consisted primarily of adults, a site that was designed to reflect their mission – engaging children – was the right solution. Ultimately it did appeal to both. It was also suited to their future plans of creating a digital space for children.

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