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Calgary Underground Film Festival

CUFF Docs Marketing Materials

CUFF Docs Poster

Our series of posters for the CUFF Docs festival uses illustration to bring to life an art form that is about film—documentary filmmaking, that is. This illustrative, contour style of drawing represents the fleeting nature of a moment captured, while at the same time recording permanently the path taken to create a documentary film.

CUFF Docs Postcard

We wanted to show how a documentary filmmaker follows her subject to tell that person’s story. The patterning, as seen from above to give the full effect of the interesting, intertwining paths created in the process, sometimes comes together to find figures in the overlap: a couple hold hands, two business professionals hand shake, or someone walks alone.

CUFF Docs Guide Design
CUFF Docs Program Guide
CUFF Docs Poster 2

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