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REAP Food for Thought

Event Collateral

Food for Thought poster

Food for Thought is an annual event that allows consumers to meet local food producers, retailers and chefs—and taste their offerings. Because the branding for this event needed to work within the umbrella of an overarching brand, we began this project by tapping in to characteristics of it, then creating a distinct logo mark just for this event.

REAP Brand connections

Our solution was a logo that combined the ideas of “food” and “thought”, using a dinner plate and thought bubbles in one image. REAP and the Be Local brand colours and typefaces are consistent, and it feels like one family without sacrificing clarity of communication about the event.

GOOD Company also worked with REAP to create a 10 x 6.5 foot canvas map of Alberta’s food producers and distributors. As large as this was, the public could walk right up to it and see at a glance where dairy, meat, produce or honey comes from in Alberta, then use the directory to learn about the businesses.


The map was also repurposed as a handout, letting anyone interested take it home for continued reference.

REAP Eat Local Map

“GOOD Company provides great design for social innovators. Because they are passionate about your cause too, there is no hoop that they won’t jump through to help you achieve your objectives. They are always a delight to work with. We are consistently impressed with the quality of their work, their responsiveness, and their commitment to finding environmentally friendly, yet cost effective solutions.”

Stephanie Jackman
Be Local Eat Local map
Be Local Eat Local map

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