Press Release


For Immediate Release

September 4, 2012






Calgary – There is a new graphic design company in Calgary bringing a unique philosophy and perspective to the graphic design industry. GOOD Company is opening its doors today to provide graphic design services to businesses and organizations who are doing something that matters. While helping people bring meaningful products and services to market, GOOD Company is also committed to being socially and environmentally responsible.

Founded by Chris Wharton and Gillian Hickie, GOOD Company is based on an international trend of doing business with companies that share a philosophy of sustainability, social justice and altruism.

After a combined 21 years in the design industry, Wharton and Hickie were inspired to establish a new market niche. “We think that a good company is one that is innovative, cares about its community, delivers meaningful products or services, addresses its environmental impact and treats stakeholders with respect. “We strongly believe in these values and want to work with companies that feel the same way. It’s possible to make a difference in the world and be profitable,” says Hickie.

Core services offered by GOOD Company include branding, identities, communications, print and digital materials and environmental items such as signage. What sets GOOD apart is that they are experts in design sustainability and will educate clients on sustainable production practices that they can integrate in to their communications projects, such as printed finishes, paper and ink.

In conjunction with the company launch, GOOD Company will also be presenting the first GrowyourGood initiative. Companies simply complete an application form, highlighting their “good” and how GOOD Company can help. Deadline for applications is October 31, 2012 and GOOD Company will choose one recipient based on their “good” impact, who will receive up to $1,000 worth of free design work. The contest will run periodically.

“Giving back is important to us too, and the GrowyourGood initiative is one way we can help other companies maximize their impact,” says Wharton.

For more good information, visit or call 403.210.2891.