Grow Your Good Recipient: SEA Change Nation

Back in September, we celebrated our launch by simultaneously launching our first GrowYourGood initiative. The recipient was SEA Change Nation, a social enterprise designed to transform youth into social entrepreneurs. (Read the announcement.)


SEA Change Nation needed a brand to tell the world about what it was setting out to do. Our first step was to engage our clients in thought and discussion about how the graphics we come up with will convey an organization’s values. In this case, doing so allowed us to produce a list of core ideas to focus on in the logo:

  • youth
  • sharing/learning
  • compassion
  • business-oriented


Most importantly, SEA Change wanted to emphasize the three-part nature of this unique social enterprise. These parts could be described as “people, planet, profit” or “academy, accelerator, alliance”.


The final logo design feels confident and youthful but still professional. Symbolism is put to use: a heart shape describes compassion and learning; a circle conveys a nation or group of connected individuals, and an arrow directed upwards represents profit and the idea of entrepreneurship.


A few words from the co-founders:

“As a social entrepreneur always in a cash flow crunch, I’ve invested many painstaking hours over the past few years into developing logos, websites and brands that I felt were sufficient enough to keep SEA Change moving forward. Had I known the incredible stress relief that could be achieved working with designers that share my values, I would have happily shelled out the money long ago! It was such a simple process. It started with an initial meeting where they got a feel for our vision, mission and values. This was followed up by the receipt of a creative brief where we had an opportunity to ensure they understood the heart and soul of SEA Change Nation. Shortly after we agreed we were all on the same page, we received a report of several proposed logos. We shared them with our community. Good Company listened to their input, revised them accordingly and voila! Within days of making the final decision we had draft business cards and cool and creative banners to use for our social media profiles.

Good Company’s ability to hear (and feel) our passion and to transform it into a logo and brand that is a true reflection of our vision was a priceless experience that will pay dividends to SEA Change Nation for many years to come. ”


“As a newcomer to the world of branding, logo’s, Twitter and even Facebook, I was nervous to meet with professionals in the graphic design industry knowing that I was about to hear an entirely new language. Within minutes of meeting Chris and Gillian I was put at ease by their professional yet casual and comfortable approach. Very quickly my fears about entering the world of social media were diminished!  Gillian and Chris are fun, creative, extremely talented and what sets them apart is their obvious commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible as well as their passion for doing GOOD and helping others do GOOD.  GOOD Company delivered on all fronts and I am very excited and look forward to a long relationship with Chris and Gillian as our graphic design experts and as friends. Thank you GOOD Company!”