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Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCUNESCO)

Brand Evolution

Introducing the evolved CCUNESCO brand: a bolder, prouder (truly Canadian!) identity guided by just a few characteristics—simplicity, thick graphic line work, and a bright colour palette.


Canadian Commission for UNESCO works with the other National Commissions for UNESCO as it champions equity, peace, and sustainable development. We were tasked with evolving CCUNESCO’s logo to be more distinct and legible at small sizes and within the digital context. We also created a brand toolkit to help bring their vision and values to life—better showcasing the richness and vibrancy of their work. Finally, we set standards in a brand style guide so that the staff at CCUNESCO could better implement the brand with consistency.


We offered two directions to take in the brand evolution as shown in the sample of our exploration, above.


First, we identified what needed to change in the current logo from a typographic standpoint. For consistency within the logo, the decision was made to match the typeface used in the left portion of the logo, which belongs to the overall UNESCO organization and could not be altered.


Then, we addressed shortcomings of legibility at a small size by setting the text in upper/lowercase instead of all uppercase, which is more easily read from a distance and allows the text to be larger within the same area. And since the logo should be easily distinguished as Canada’s version of the UNESCO logo when sitting amongst many other commission logos, we emphasized “Canadian Commission” rather than “UNESCO”.


And then came the fun part!


We explored colour palettes by first building out the original palette and then offering a second, more vibrant palette. And you’ll note that we proposed simplifications and adjustments to the styling and sizing of the leaf component of the logo.


The final version of the logo communicates more clearly and is more vibrant than the original. Bilingual and French versions were created, followed by stationery and a brochure in both languages.

CCUNESCO brochure
CCUNESCO brochure2

A set of icons was developed to convey core concepts and recurring themes, such as Reconciliation, Youth Engagement, or Freedom of the Press.


CCUNESCO has a refreshed, more robust, and standardized visual identity to flexibly apply across print and digital mediums. We summed this up in a Style Guide, which offers direction on using the toolkit of items developed.

brand style guide
CCUNESCO brand guide

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