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A digital strategy is essential to your online success.

GOOD Company's Digital Strategy

In a nutshell, a digital strategy is the process of identifying and articulating the digital opportunities to meet your goals. We’ve identified eight key components of a digital strategy and will look at the benefits of each of these components in context of your business or organization’s goals and audiences, then help you articulate a plan.



Your website is a key element of your digital strategy as this is where traffic from other components would be directed most of the time. It needs to be responsive, engaging and easy to navigate.



Email marketing is a very effective way to reach your target audience, keep your company in their mind and educate them about your products or services. With quality design and relevant content emails are a great way to drive traffic, engagement and conversion.



Almost every customer start at the search engines when they need your products or services. So it is essential to be found! With SEO techniques and keyword research your website can rank high in the search engines.



Consumers do not want to be sold to, they want to be educated, they look for useful and loveable information. With good content (on your website, with blog posts, e-books, newsletters, tweets etc) you will be more visible, and consumers will care about what you say and build a relationship with you. This is why it is important to plan and organize your content strategy to achieve success online.



Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Google + and others are platforms on which consumers engage with brands. You have the opportunity to create engagement, build a community around your organization and reach more customers. We can help you build a publication schedule for posting content on your social media channels.



Paid advertisements, such as Social Media ads, Display ads, Search Engine Marketing (Adwords) are also important in gaining visibility. With very targeted ads you can reach a greater and qualified audience.



Every aspect of a digital strategy should consider mobile. Of course your website needs to be responsive and mobile-friendly, but your consumers might also need a native app.



UX is also an important element of your digital strategy. It represents how your customers interact with your digital offerings. You want to offer a consistent experience across all platforms and help people to meet their needs as simply and intuitively as possible.



Finally it is important to consider that a digital strategy must evolve. No matter what you choose to do, you always need to track your efforts, analyze and optimize your strategy. This evolution of your strategy means that you will be adapting to changing client needs and changing technology.


To do this, we use tools such as Google Analytics and specific URLs to track your campaign (social media or e-newsletter). We can also help you set up goal funnels that give us a visual representation of the conversion data between each step taken by a user. This allows us to isolate problems at any point in the visitors’ conversion, and see which steps need to be optimized.

If you have questions, would like an estimate or simply want to learn more about GOOD Company, connect with us – we’d love to hear from you.