Vivo Wayfinding

In 2017, we learned we’d been chosen to work with Vivo on their built environment communications strategy and implementation. After several months of observation, research, analysis, and strategy, we established our first priority for production: revamp and build upon the facility’s wayfinding.

It’s critical that facility users are able to find their way around, but previous wayfinding had no underlying visual system and was inconsistent, sometimes poorly positioned, lacking in clarity, or simply not there at all.

As a “phase 1”, our plan was to create one consistent, brand-based wayfinding system, labeling all the destinations in the building. That is—providing facility users with a clear indication that they’d arrived somewhere—whether it be a restroom, a meeting room, or child minding services.

Vivo Wayfinding Restroom

Of course, any type of signage should be quick to communicate and intuitive, so we developed an icon system for quick recognition. High contrast between background and lettering and text set in braille makes the signs accessible to those who are visually impaired. In addition, they were installed lower than average to make them accessible to those in wheelchairs.


We also made sure to reflect the Vivo brand essence when we developed these signs. Vivo stands apart from other recreation centers in Calgary due to its strong emphasis on connecting community, and research/innovation on the subject of healthy living. Our client valued natural, authentic materials as well as a sense of playfulness and energy. This early draft of our visual direction points out the components of the sign design that spoke to Vivo’s brand:

We love how the maple is an authentic and tactile material, unique, and more environmentally friendly than other petroleum-based signage products.

What does Vivo think about their new signs? Not long after install, we heard this: “We’re loving the new signs! We’ve gotten so much positive feedback from customers and staff already!”.

Thanks to ABL Imaging for your ideas, and commitment to delivering a great finished product.

Gym sign

Vivo Signage