A new website for a growing children’s advocacy charity

Children First Canada (CFC) is a national charitable organization working to improve children’s well-being by mobilizing an alliance of children’s charities, hospitals and researchers. Earlier this year, CFC tasked us with designing their new website.


CFC had grown rapidly and found that its website had not been able to keep up with the continuous stream of content—press releases, poll results, publications, and more. The mindset was “everything is important” but we knew it wasn’t sustainable to keep everything at the top of a page. We needed to shift the functionality of the site, as well as the user’s experience so that a user would be able to see what was important to them, as easily and quickly as possible.


Furthermore, all of this content needed to be made available in both of Canada’s official languages.


We carefully considered site structure: the content needed to be organized in such a way that diverse users could easily find what was relevant to them. It needed to be able to work for an ever increasing amount of content and not become cumbersome to navigate over time.


We created a Resources section in which resources could be tagged so that users could filter based on who they were or their need. We categorized content so that content tagged with them would feed into relevant sections of the site, ensuring the valuable content would always be found where expected.


The website can now toggle between French and English, and meets basic accessibility standards.


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