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We’ve found caring goes a long way.

This creative agency is about collaboration, alignment, passion, and responsibility.

Working with us

Collaboration is everything to us. We partner with you throughout the life of every design project, so your experience is easy, enjoyable, and results in the best possible work.


We help you choose the ideal format for your communication, whether it becomes a beautiful, tactile print publication or on-point web campaign, and deliver the goods on schedule.


Have a strict budget? No problem – we’ll help you get the most out of that, too.


Learn more about our creative process.

Our team

Meet the heart of GOOD Company – Chris, GillianAurélieRobyn, and Kier.

Why we do it

Being creative and solving problems is second nature to us, and we’re passionate about helping you succeed.


Let’s say you’ve come up with an innovative product, written a compelling report, or started a social initiative.


To inspire action and get results, your work needs to be given the advantage of being presented in the best possible light.


That’s where we come in.


We love nothing better than the challenge of articulating a message that’s both beautiful and appropriate, giving you a leg-up on your competition and the perfect voice to tell it to the world.

What makes a good company?

The things we look for in the people we work with are the same things we strive for ourselves – innovation, building community, creating meaningful products and services, and respecting our environment.


As a result, we’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of good companies (and great people).


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Walking the talk

We take steps to consider our impact on the environment and the role we play in our local community.


A big part of our work as designers and developers involves using computers and the internet, which represents a large chunk of global energy consumption.


To offset this, we purchase power from locally owned Sponsor Energy, who give 50% of their profits to charity. Then, we purchase green power from Bullfrog, who inject green energy into the grid for every kilowatt hour used at our main workspace.


Since GOOD Company signed on with Bullfrog, we’ve purchased a total of 38.5 MWh of green electricity (up to June, 2018) which represents 12 tonnes of carbon emissions.


We support our local economy as much as possible, forming relationships with print companies and other suppliers in the city so you get the best service, quality, and prices.


GOOD Company is also a member of REAP, a non-profit business association for local companies committed to people and the planet.


We keep in touch with paper and print suppliers to ensure we’re aware of the most current certifications and standards for paper, ink, and more – helping you reduce your project’s environmental footprint.


Our remote work model saves our daily commutes and reduces carbon emissions, not to mention 1,000s of hours of driving time per year!


Through our Grow Your Good program, we support businesses that share our values but may not easily be able to afford our services. We award up to two $1000 design credits per year to help individuals and organizations bring their projects to life.

Want to learn more about our mission and the goals we set for ourselves? Access our Commitments document.