Conscious Brands website

How do you take a unique, somewhat difficult-to-explain business and describe it through a website: a medium that demands efficiency in mouse-clicks and directness to how information is presented?


You explain with more than just words; using metaphors, beautiful photography and the occasional infographic.


As part of guiding a business on its journey towards sustainability, Conscious Brands acts as host and facilitator – or, as they like to put it – your sherpa, guiding you up the mountain towards the ultimate goal of activating sustainability. With an eye to bringing this metaphor to life and smart organization of information, GOOD Company helped Conscious Brands communicate the depth and breadth of the value this business brings to companies and organizations hoping to become more sustainable from the core.


How? Well, this was a collaborative effort. We worked with Matt and Rob of Conscious Brands, with a little help from writer Mike McKinnon, to figure out how to best explain some complex and new ideas. We made some tiny tweaks to their logo, created a brand around it, and then brought it all together on their website.