Removing barriers to voting

After the federal bi-election last year, a group of us got together and started talking about something that was on our minds: why did so few people come out to vote?

Unfortunately, this problem is not uncommon. Whether it is apathy, fear or a simple lack of knowledge about the process, we decided that whatever the reason, we wanted to encourage citizens to engage in their right to vote.

Several coffee-shop and lunchtime discussions later, the volunteer group came up with “VoteKit,” a website that acts as a non-partisan toolkit to help first time voters with the voting process. Not only does the website provide the basic information needed to get yourself to the polls with the right ID, it also acts as a hub for discussion, with blog posts and surveys. We even held an event we dubbed “VoteKit Live” that was staged to look just like a real voting scenario: a “dry run”, so to speak, before the real thing!

The branding for VoteKit is straightforward and friendly, with the use of election-themed icons and a typeface that’s not too strict! Check out the site here or follow the twitter stream here, and don’t forget to vote in the Municipal Election October 21st!