Political Campaign Branding – Part II

This week, the Turner4YYC team announced the launch of the official website for the Green Party’s Calgary Centre candidate, Chris Turner.


Our previous post (“Political Campaign Branding”) was about how we helped get the word out on social media about Chris Turner running in the upcoming by-election. While social media is still a priority, we needed to simultaneously focus on providing the public with a permanent and more comprehensive way to learn about – and get involved in – the Turner4YYC campaign. The unique challenge here was to create a site that met the needs of an entire campaign team – each person requiring something different to help them do their job. This included: social media feeds and media clips for those working on communications;  volunteer sign-up forms with options to check off specific tasks for the volunteer coordinator; a biography and key messages from the candidate himself; a place for the public to order signs, a place for the treasurer to gather donations to the campaign… and the list goes on!


When it comes to website design, it’s really important that users be able to quickly get to the content they want to find, not becoming overwhelmed by information. This site facilitates that by grouping information in ways that are easy to get to and quick to absorb. The visuals that reference the physical city (satellite view and skyline illustration) underscore that Turner has a vision for Calgary, running as a “real voice for Calgary”.


Here’s a look at two pages from the site.