Our Commitments

GOOD Company realizes positive change by helping clients who are values-forward. These clients are considerate of their environmental and social impacts and contribute to vibrant, healthy communities. In service of this mission, we’ve made four core commitments, which we do our best to stay accountable to every day.

We help others help the world by elevating companies, individuals or organizations who are doing something that matters.


How we do this:


When we take on a new client, we look for indicators that they share our values, such as:


• a desire for authenticity in marketing and messaging

• bringing meaningful products or services to market

• caring about employees and the recipients of its products or services

• acting responsibly, both environmentally and socially

• solving problems that help create positive change, or give back 

• contributing to vibrant, inclusive and equitable communities

We provide our clients with exceptional, thoughtful creative.

How we do this:

Throughout the project process, and even when we think a project is finished, we ask:


• Does it solve the problem the client came to us with?

• Does it communicate clearly?

• Is it compelling?

• What impact does it make?

• Is it as unique and customized to the client as we can make it?

• Is there an opportunity to address environmental impact?

• Is it sensitive to, or does it take into consideration, what is happening in the world? 

• Does it suit the client and speak in its voice?

• Are we proud of it?

• Can we make it even better?

We provide our clients with excellent customer service.


How we do this:


• We are flexible and accommodating.

• We are helpful and transparent when it comes to questions about pricing and processes.

• We are responsive, replying to emails or returning calls promptly, never leaving our clients wondering.

• We engage in discussion and are open to collaboration.

We do business with heart.

How we do this:


We commit ourselves to regularly offering discounted or pro-bono services to help grassroots organizations build community, give forward-thinking start-ups a better chance at getting off the ground, and to help non-profits advocate for their cause. We do this in part through our Grow Your Good initiative, which awards free creative services to an individual, business, or organization who might not otherwise be able to afford them. 


We recognize that every person has a basic right to human dignity, respect, and equal access to resources and that we at GOOD Company are allies to Indigenous and 2SLGBTQIA+ people, BIPOC, and people with disabilities. We understand that there is value in listening to those with lived experience and that there are a multitude of perspectives to consider when executing our work and running our business. As such, we take a thoughtful and respectful approach to the written content, imagery and visual systems that we employ. We acknowledge that, while we use a remote work model that spans geographies, we are headquartered on the traditional Treaty 7 territory.


We prioritize sourcing suppliers, contractors, and business services locally. We belong to the Be Local business network, which consists of community-focused businesses who consider social and environmental impacts within their operations and prioritize relationships with other local businesses and community. GOOD Company also banks with a local credit union. 


We adopt the “triple bottom line” approach to business. This gives equal weight to people, planet and profit, and we followed the lead of B Corp to amend GOOD Company’s articles of incorporation to state that the natural environment and the community in which we operate must be considered equally to our company’s interests.


We strive for a company culture that is transparent, communicative, and respects work/life balance. We offer compassion and flexibility when personal needs arise and offer feedback channels in various forms. Nine years ago, before it became common (or necessary), we established a remote work model. It works, and our team consistently produces amazing creative while enjoying more freedom and flexibility.


We do our best to reduce our environmental impact during our day-to-day operations and on behalf of our clients. When appropriate, we initiate dialogue about sustainable options with our clients and vendors. GOOD Company uses a remote work model, omitting vehicle emissions every day. We source our energy from wind farms and encourage our people to consider their environmental stewardship in how they manage their personal workspaces via reducing waste, recycling, sourcing clean energy, and choosing environmentally preferred and FSC certified paper.

As creatives, we can inform and influence thinking on what is meaningful to us. Since 2012, we have been honoured to have worked with many who have allowed us to do so. Thank you!