Calgary Arts Development


Collecting data and reporting, granting, and connecting artists with spaces are just some of the many initiatives spearheaded by Calgary Arts Development. However, their previous website was insular and not engaging to the broader public and wasn’t structured to offer information on all these initiatives. 

The website we created for CAD serves as a tool for engagement and is a fluid, interactive, accessible hub of information – easily shaped and kept up-to-date by content managers.

A lot of organizational logic was embedded into the site to make daily updating a painless process. Layout and formatting is handled automatically when content is entered, and the editor has the appropriate fields available for each content type. 

Integrated into the site is a directory system that handles the management, sorting and discoverability of a broad range of content and resources, including space finding, calendar events, classifieds, artist and organization networking as well as partner information. 

We integrated an accessibility widget and implemented an extensive checklist of accessibility improvements to the site to have it meet WCAG 2.0 standards, and will soon be at WCAG 2.1. 

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Plus desktop device

We're GOOD.

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We’re GOOD.

Together? We’re great.
Let’s go.