Calgary Arts Development

Visual identity + collateral

GOOD Company created a new visual identity that spoke to Calgary Arts Development’s goals of continued growth and broadened outreach – their vision of a creative, connected Calgary through the arts.


The word ‘connected’ grabbed hold as the primary idea, and letters morphed into successive rings to form a fresh, accessible, and relevant design. 


The text portion of the logo needed to visually connect with the City of Calgary brand since CAD is the City’s designated arts development authority, so the colours and typeface were matched. 


Once this brand was complete, we were asked to apply it to a variety of materials such as business cards, presentation templates, pop-up banners, and more. This logo is as effective online as it is in print; it works as well small as it does large and it is flexible enough to be used as a whole or in part.

We're GOOD.

Together? We’re great. Let’s go.

We’re GOOD.

Together? We’re great. Let’s go.