Canadian Commission of UNESCO

Visual identity + collateral

Canadian Commission for UNESCO works with the other National Commissions for UNESCO as it champions equity, peace, and sustainable development.


We were tasked with evolving CCUNESCO’s logo to be more distinct and legible, both at small sizes and within the digital context. We were also asked to create a brand toolkit to help bring CCUNESCO’s vision and values to life—better showcasing the richness and vibrancy of its work.


The evolved CCUNESCO brand is bolder, prouder, and guided by simplicity, thick graphic line work, and a brightened colour palette. The new version of the logo communicates more clearly, as does the brand extension;  including a set of icons developed to convey core concepts and recurring themes such as Reconciliation, Youth Engagement,and Freedom of the Press.


We implemented this brand across stationery, a brand style guide, and a publication that serves as a primer on CCUNESCO.

We're GOOD.

Together? We’re great. Let’s go.

We’re GOOD.

Together? We’re great.
Let’s go.