CAWST: a rebrand case study



This year, we had the opportunity to work with CAWST to develop printed and online reports, and perhaps more significantly, their rebrand.

We were very impressed with the dedication and talent of everyone we had exposure to while getting to know CAWST. There is an infectious enthusiasm about the staff and it’s very obvious that this is an organization that cares deeply about what it does. In a nutshell, CAWST teaches people how to get safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene in their own homes using simple, affordable technologies. The team we worked with was very engaged in the re-brand process and excited for the potential of bringing its brand in line with its growing reach, specifically through an online presence.

In fact, many organizations eventually go through a re-brand to help them communicate an evolution of values and objectives. But it’s a relatively new development for businesses and organizations to need one so that they may match pace with an ever changing technological world. For example, simplicity and clarity are paramount to allowing a logo be understood – not to mention, stand out – in a “thumbnail” context where everything is flying (scrolling?) by at lightening speed.





The organization wanted to be known by its acronym rather than their full name, so we focused on the “C”, simultaneously representing a water drop in the same shape. The colour gradient references a focus on water treatment (dirty water to clean water).


The new brand’s simplicity works as well online as it does in print.

And following suit, we also designed both a print and online version of their annual report. Here are a few sample spreads from the book version, or, printed report. You can see the full book here.


While any annual report can be made available for download as a pdf, we created CAWST’s report as its own website for a more engaging experience when viewed online and on mobile devices.