Alberta Food Map


Local food retailers and restaurants serve tasty bite-sized samples from The Light Cellar (left), Pascal’s Patisserie and The Coup (right).

Before this project, even we didn’t realize just how many growers, processors and distributors there are in Alberta.

The second annual Food for Thought saw a great turnout this weekend at the Simmons building in east village. GOOD Company worked with REAP to create a huge 10 x 6.5 foot map of Alberta’s food sources and distributors for the event. Having the map this size allowed the public to walk right up to it and see at a glance where products like dairy, meat, produce or honey come from, then use the directory to learn about the businesses, such as if they are certified organic and, which retailers and distributors carry those locally grown food products.

The map was produced on canvas, allowing it to have a long life when used again an again.

The directory included the names of all the businesses (Jill Cairns, great job researching and compiling that information) so that anyone with this map and directory can find out where to shop and eat and know they are supporting the local food industry.

Here are a few shots of the map as both a canvas wall hanging and a handout distributed at the event.

Be Local Eat Local map

Be Local Eat Local map

Be Local Eat Local map