Vivo is an innovative recreation centre and community hub that serves a broad demographic in age and culture. This non-profit is focused on impacting those beyond the facility’s walls, with innovative research and eduation backing up ambitious goals.

In 2017-18, we worked with Vivo on a new wayfinding system (pictured above), which made use of existing brand typefaces and colours, and added to it a wave motif and icon system. But in 2018, the organization underwent an in-depth strategic brand discovery process by Dooley Social Change & Lemonade Strategy + Branding. Using the results as our guidance, we began to evolve Vivo’s visual identity and all touchpoints of the brand, keeping elements that were still serving the organization and adding or changing elements to reflect the findings in Dooley/Lemonade’s report.

This has been an ittertive, collaborative process, and continues to take shape even today. We learned that a really important part of the evovled brand was going to be about taking Vivo’s ideas and values outside the facility’s walls, and “play” would be an integral part of everything. We’ve begun to create assets with a more urban, casual, and spontaneous feel. You can see this taking shape in type treatments, rough brush strokes and a loose graphic style.

This brand has to connect with a lot of different people on a lot of different topics, so flexibility is key. Materials meant to help a facility user get around have communciation goals different than those designed to inspire engagement in a program. Within the variety of materials we’ve produced for Vivo over the last couple of years, we’ve achieved both a freshness and a consistency. As Vivo continues to expand into new and greater things, we work alongside them to bring their ideas to life throughout their internal and external communciations.

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