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Case for Support 2014

Beakerhead Case for Support Cover

Beakerhead advances the understanding of science and engineering as part of everyday life – through art and culture. From public events to school and community programs, it’s both a “5-day spectacular” that takes place yearly in September, and a year-round series of workshops and programs.

Beakerhead report

The Case for Support acts as Beakerhead’s “show and tell” when it comes to that time of year when the organization reaches out to potential partners and sponsors. In both of the designs below, we made sure that it was easy to use as a prop when speaking – easy to flip back and forth between sections.

The 2014 booklet featured a die cut box, an idea pulled from Beakerhead’s branding (if you look closely, you might notice that their logo is made up of tiny boxes). Bright colours and full pages of photography reference the excitement of the event and the coloured tabs help the presenter and reader go back and forth between the different sections of the book, easily.

Beakerhead report

Case for Support 2015

Beakerhead Sponsorship Package

The 2015 Case for Support shares the same colourful, photograph-rich look. But the format changed, and rather than pages of a book, it took shape as individual, double sided cards. This engaging format allowed cards to be removed from a clipboard as being discussed so that the reader could absorb one area of focus at a time.

Beakerhead Case for Support Spread
Beakerhead Case for Support

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